Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Sorry We're Full" Happy Thanksgiving!!

Since most of us will be spending time with family and turkey tomorrow, I thought I would post a fun Thanksgiving sketch today to help set the mood. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend and don't forget to save room for pie!

PS- I'm "salad" in case you didn't catch it. ;o)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Free-me Music

Since I've discovered a TON of great free music on Amazon, I have been addicted to finding and snagging some new tunes to add to my iPod. I literally spend hours scouring the latest new artists to find that diamond in the rough. I realize that musical taste is completely subjective, but you might find something you like in this list of songs or peruse online to find someone else who inspires you. All I know is, these artists are worth a listen and what a great way to be ahead of the musical curve. Just think, when your friends say, "Omigosh, you have to listen to this great new artist!!" you can say, "Oh yeah, I've had them on my iPod for months. They're pretty good." :o)

Happy Monday!!

  1. Ludicrous by Frankmusik (download if you like Enrique Iglesias)
  2. Halfway by The Silent Game (if you like Garbage and/or Radiohead)
  3. Vessel by Zola Jesus (if you like Florence and the Machine and/or Massive Attack)
  4. Long Walk Back by The Rifles (if you like an updated Beatles)
  5. Tangled Up In Love by The Rifles (if you like Jimmy Eat World ala Lucky Denver Mint)
  6. Keep You by Class Actress (if you like synth-pop)
  7. Fascinated by Ivy (if you like 80's new wave, alt-pop)
  8. Still Alive by Three Mile Pilot (if you like moody with a beat)
  9. Old Black by Earth (if you like Pink Floyd)
  10. Why Even Try (Feat. Sara Quin) by Theophilus London (80's hip hop, easy groove)
  11. Amor Fati by Washed Out (if you like Erasure or Thompson Twins, 80's synth pop)
  12. Little War by K SerĂ¥ (if you like a ballad style Fall Out Boy)
  13. Cassie (Won't You Be My Doll) by Part Time (if you like 80's pop, Bananarama)
  14. Next To Me by Civil Twilight (if you like Coldplay or U2)
  15. God's Not Dead (Like A Lion) by Newsboys (if you like Jars of Clay)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Have a Happy. Period.

I admit it. I don't have regular television and thus, only see the commercials on Hulu or in my magazines. As I was flipping through one of my fave mags the other day, I came across an ad that made me think, "What the hell?!" There were so many thoughts going through my head, that I just had to share them.

I realize this ad has been out for a while, but since this is the first time I've seen it, I'm weighing in.
Neon colored tampons and patterned pads, are you serious, Kotex?! First of all, you know what this stuff is for right? And second, who the hell is going to see it? I'm sure every teenage girl is dying to compare tampon colors during polite conversation. "Gee Morganthenia, what color are you wearing today?"

I love that Kotex is advertising this as, "new colors and designs to banish boredom." Really? Boredom? I don't know about you, but when I'm writhing in pain, the last thing I'm feeling is bored, let alone bemoaning my boring white tampon. "OMG, this would be so much better if I had a freakin' blue colored tampon!! Curse you Tampax for your lack of vision!!!"

Am I the only one wondering who the hell thought up this genius idea? Since absurd is the new tampon, I have a couple of ideas too. Might I suggest a glow-in-the-dark tampon? How fun would that be to tell someone, "You wouldn't know this to look at me, but I'm totally glowing on the inside." Or days-of-the-week labeled tampons. "Damn it, I'm all out of Tuesday tampons, I hope no one notices I'm wearing a Friday." Or my personal fave, fortune cookie tampons! Look forward to your period while you look to your future and maybe include lucky lotto numbers too. Have a truly "happy period" with inspirational sayings like, "You will have a bloody good day" and "You will experience relief, in about 5-7 days" or my new favorite, "Congratulations, you're not pregnant!!" Now I'm just waiting for a phone call from the Kotex product development team.

PS, don't even get me started on the new Summer's Eve ad "Power to the V."


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